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What makes working out with a Tsunami Bar® so special?

The Tsunami Bars® are like no other weight lifting bars. Theya re made out of composite materials instead of steel. The bars are much more comfortable to handle and only weight between 7 lbs. to 17 lbs. depending on the model. There are six different Tsunami Bars® of varying flexes. One of the benefits is that the bars flex when weight is loaded onto them and that makes the weight somewhat unstable. This directly causes more stabilization muscles to be activated. Research shows 3 times more than using a steel bar. Another benefit is that you can use much less weight than you have to with a steel bar because as you move the bar you generate dynamic weight that stimulates the muscles like a much heavier weight. Research also shows that you get 20% more muscle activation when compared to a steel bar. All this correlates into working out much safer and efficiently. The best thing about Tsunami Bars® are that they can be used to train anyone from youth to 65+ and from entry level to top professional athletes.

How are the classes structured? 

Classes are conducted in a group setting conducted by a Certified Tsunami Bar® Specialist with a maximum of 12 participants and lasts for 55 minutes. We use this group setting for several reasons. First, you are always under the watchful eye of an instructor to make sure you are doing the exercises and movements correctly. Second, it takes the guesswork out of what you are going to do on a specific day. Classes are predesigned by the instructor leading the class to optimize effort and efficiency. Classes are set up like the athlete training programs at top universities, because they must get the absolute best workout in a short period of time. Third, the group setting can be a superior motivational tool as you train with likeminded people.

What does a Tsunami Bar® Training Center membership provide that a traditional health club or other group fitness membership does not?

Generally, when you go to a traditional health club you are on your own when exercising. You go when you want and perform the exercises you feel like doing. For the most part, unless you sign up for personal training, it is up to you to motivate and push yourself to get the most out of each session. This works great for a lot of people but many are looking for much more guidance and structure.Many traditional health clubs work off the model of getting you signed up for a membership and then hope you are inactive. Tsunami Bar® Training Centers are just the opposite. We want you to become part of a group that motivates each other, we provide you with the workouts and an instructor to ensure you get the absolute most benefit in a 55 minute class and we want you to participate in as many classes as you can and succeed in your goals. Group classes have become the rage over the last several years because of some of those benefits. The popularity of CrossFit® has driven much of the excitement. There are many other brands such as Orange Theory Fitness, Iron Tribe Fitness and so on. Each with their pitch as to why they are better, but all of these are just another way to workout using traditional equipment. The Tsunami Bar® Training Centers utilize the revolutionary Tsunami Bar®. The bar itself is scientifically proven to provide better muscle stimulus and stabilizer activation. That combined with world class instruction is a huge advantage. Tsunami Bar® Training Centers will not be just about group workout classes. There will be sports specific classes such as golf, for those wanting even more instruction there will be personal one on one training. As we grow our membership we will bring in motivational speakers, nutrition specialists, guest trainers such as top level head collegiate strength coaches and much more. There will be a pro shop were you get discounts on all items such as stretch bands, kettlebells, weights, rollers etc. Tsunami Bar® Training Centers are unlike anything you have seen.

What types of class are offered?

At this time there are 3 classes offered at the Tsunami Bar® Training Center - Level 1, Level 3 and Core Golf Impact. All classes are open to men and women 18 to 75. Tsunami Bar® Training Centers strongly recommends that you consult your doctor and obtain medical clearance prior to commencing any exercise program, as a certain level of risk is inherit in any exercise program. Those over 65 will need to provide clearance from a doctor.

Level 1 Tsunami Bar® Class 

The Level 1 Class is designed for the entry level student or for someone looking for a light to moderate workout. Objectives for this class include weight loss, increased stamina and increased mobility to name a few. There is a warm up/stretching period, a strength training period and a conditioning period. Basic exercises and movements will be performed. Those include squats, overhead presses, push-ups, dips, sit-ups, planks, wall balls, lunges, step ups, prowler pushes, battle ropes etc. Each student will use a weight they are comfortable with and because many exercises will use the Tsunami Bar® they will be able to use much less weight than required with a steel bar.

Level 3 Tsunami Bar® Class

The Level 3 Class is designed for someone who has workout experience and looking for a moderate to fairly high intense workout. There is a warm up/stretching period, a strength training period and a conditioning period. More complex movements and exercises will be employed such as power cleans, push presses, dead lifts, pull-ups etc. The conditioning period will be at a much more elevated pace than the Level 1 Class. Training techniques such as dot and ladder drills will be used to develop quickness.

Core Golf Impact Class

The Core Golf Impact Class will focus primarily on the most important place in the golf swing, impact. The program uses Tsunami Bars® combined with isometric, static position, and neuromuscular exercises. There is a beautiful magical substance our bodies are capable of manufacturing called Myelin. This substance is produced in the central nervous system and the best news is this substance does not require the muscles and body to be pushed to fatigue or exhaustion! This means no pain to derive fabulous benefits! Another benefit is all the moves and exercises can be rehearsed and performed at home. The combination of the mind with the nervous system is a powerful combination that allows learning to be accelerated.

How can I support the Tsunami Bar® Training Centers?

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