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Tsunami Bar motivaters

Our personal trainers have a wealth of knowledge to further your fitness goals & proper tools to help you modify your moves to reduce the risk of injury.

Rob Thames

With over 30 plus years as a coach and personal trainer in the strength and conditioning sector, Rob has worked with well seasoned athletes within the southeastern region.

 Reach your goals today! 

Kristin Nunn-Miles

As an athlete at heart, Kristin has competed in many different avenues from swimming to CrossFit®, from archery to the figure stage. As an IFBB Pro Kristin has numerous top 5 places.

 Reach your goals today! 

George Bryan III

Named 1998 Carolinas’ PGA Junior Golf Leader of the Year and selected by Golf Digest as one of the Best Teachers in South Carolina for 2000 and 2001.

 Reach your goals today! 

Sheila McDevett

With a Bachelor of Science in Health from East Carolina and as a certified nutritionist, health and wellness has always been the forefront in Sheila’s life. Helping others improve their quality of life is her passion.

 Reach your goals today! 

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