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Woody and Buzz Lightyear Carbs Everywhere Meme

Everyone is so afraid of carbohydrates these days; they get such a bad rap. Last week I was grocery shopping and out of nowhere I hear “THERE’S CARBS IN EVERYTHING! I AM GOING TO STARVE ON THIS DIET!”. Me being who I am, I turned around to investigate. No lie, this woman is holding a bag of Quinoa. It only has 6.8 grams of carbs in it. It’s a super food, packed with only 40 calories per serving and 58 grams of potassium, I had to help her. I attempted to educate her on picking good carbs over bad carbs, I didn’t even get into complex and refined because I didn’t want to confuse her. She was adamant about “No Carbs”, poor thing. She definitely won’t last long on that canned tuna and hard boiled eggs. Been there, done that and it stunk, literally.

Low carbs do not mean “No Carbs”. Most people I know have tried the “Low Carb” diet, me included. Low carb diets do work and it seems that those who weigh more lose more weight quicker, that’s great if you are doing it right but if you aren’t then be prepared to gain part, if not all of it back. I have been on the Ketogenic high before where the weight was just melting off of me, sadly though I felt like crap. I was under 50 grams of carbs a day for months, taking dozens of vitamins but couldn’t work out because I had zero energy. As soon as I started eating normal again I felt better but I gained all my weight back quickly. Wish I knew then what I know now.

Kristin Nunn Miles

Tsunami Bar Training Center's personal trainer and weight lifting enthusiast, Kristin Nunn Miles believes that it’s all about timing. She says, “Carbs should be eaten in the morning as well as before or after a workout, it’s all about timing.” Of course these carbs should come from fiber-rich fruits and vegetables, whole grains and beans. Yes, you can get carbs from a candy bar, but you get much more bang for your buck from an apple, and apples don’t tend to ride on your hips. Try to pair your carbs with protein. (We will talk more about Mr. Protein in the next blog). Scrambled eggs are really good for breakfast but add a bowl of strawberries on the side and you will have much more energy than with eggs alone. Remember in my last blog how I referred to the body as a car, guess what? Cars need fuel or they end up on the side of the road.

Tips for the Road:

1. Don’t eat carbs alone. Pair with protein.

2. Good Carbs=Energy

3. Eat carbs at the right time.


Meet the Author

Bonnie Long

I am also a wife, mother, and perpetual dieter. I started this blog to share my dieting successes and failures. I love to have fun and seldom meet anyone who is not a friend.

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